The time has come to elect

Kathy Staub

to the Board of School Committee

“A great city needs great schools”

I’ve lived in Manchester all my life. I went to Lincoln School and Hillside and I graduated from Central High in 1975. I’m very committed to the city. My husband and I own a home on Hanover Hill and we chose to send both of our children to Manchester public schools.

I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to make sure that the city remains the same great place to live and raise a family that it was when I was growing up.

Manchester is a city with enormous potential, but our public school system is the weak link. In order for Manchester to prosper in the 21st Century we must fix our schools. We need good schools to:

  • Attract young families
  • Provide an educated workforce to attract potential employers
  • Maintain property values and grow our tax base
  • Keep crime rates low
  • Reduce poverty

For 15 years I have committed countless hours as a parent trying to improve public education. I’ve run bake sales, edited parent newsletters, helped found a city-wide school advocacy organization (Manchester Coalition for Quality Education), served on DINI (District In Need of Improvement ) committees, read every major school reform report issued in the last ten years, and met with hundreds of parents, teachers,  and community members to talk  about the state of our public school system.

For 10 years I have managed a listserv for the Manchester Coalition for Quality Education. This blog provides a permanent home for the information I send out and offers an opportunity for community discussion of important issues.

My most recent project has been the establishment of the Manchester Foundation for Education, an independent community non-profit organization founded to strengthen public education by engaging community members as partners in the pursuit of educational excellence. Our goals are to benefit public education by fostering partnerships, supporting beneficial education practices and building the capacity of all stakeholders to meet the challenges our school system faces.